House of 1000hz

Founded by long-time recording engineer, Andrew Gilchrist, in a residential neighborhood in New Orleans' historic Bywater district, House of 1000Hz creates a comfortable and creative environment for making records, balancing the technical needs of a recording studio, with the pressure-free vibe of a place where you would actually want to play music.gear (18K)

With no hourly rate, the studio often works on a 'day' or 'project' rate, and is equipped to utilize a variety of recording formats. Most projects here are done away from the computer, tracked onto 2"/24 track analog tape and mixed through a vintage British console using moving fader automation and real outboard equipment and effects. The House of 1000Hz is best suited for making records with real players interacting together in the room, on analog tape and mixed on a real console. In this way, it is possible to do high quality work in the studio, on a very reasonable budget.

Yes, the studio is back up and running again - The rebuild of 2006/7 has added significant new gear, including the NYC hit factory's former Studer 827, and EMT plate, more tracking space,a new upright piano,new drums amps, and more...